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Comments From Our Customers


Sonia's shop is fantastic. I recently had a formal event to attend, after
searching all the shops at both Hillsdale and Stanford malls, I was very
disappointed in the selection of gowns. I stopped by Sonia's and found
the perfect dress along with a great handbag. The selection and
service are unparalled.

A very satisfied customer
Tricia W.
December 14, 2005

  Sonia knows style! I just walked in the store and she did the rest. I walked out with a new, upgraded image. I normally don't like to shop. I don't know which colors look good on me and I always buy the same boring style. But I really enjoyed my experience at Sonia's. She know just the right clothes for me and she has such a side variety of styles and sizes.

-Satisfied Customer, Carol W.

At Sonia's, it's so much more than just a visit to buy a new outfit. Sonia is the heart and soul of the business. She personally selects all the merchandise, deals with every customer who walks in the store and is very fond of saying, 'I am not going to sell that to you. That outfit is not for you. Now, let me show you this.'

-Frequent customer, Ina S.


Sonia's Apparel is a marvelous shopping experience. You are greeted by a warm, friendly person who takes the time to get to know your tastes and needs. Sonia's expertise in design gives her the ability to look at you and find the perfect style.


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